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Forex Sentiment Market ("VN GATE" or "App" or "we" or "Our") understand you want to keep your information private, safe and discrete. This Privacy Policy is designed to help you decide whether to use the Service and in what manner, and it describes how we collect, store and use information on individuals who use the app and website.
(1) Forex Sentiment Market is committed to safeguarding your Personal Data by adhering to strict security standards and using the most up to date security technologies. Copying information from the Forex Sentiment Market and publishing it elsewhere on the internet is only permitted if you indicate the information source in the heading and provide a link as to where you found this information.
(2) Forex Sentiment Market may need to use your Personal Data:
- To ensure that you meet the suitability requirements needed to use our products and services.
- To manage the account you have with us.
- To process your transactions.
- To send you information about transaction/post-transaction services.
- To keep you updated with news on our products, services and any other information relevant to your working relationship with Forex Sentiment Market
- For app improvement purposes.
- For the analysis of statistical data which will help us provide you with better products and services in the future.
(3) If you have any questions which have not been covered in this Privacy Policy, or any further concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us through email at [email protected]

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